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Welcome to Miami Strategic Partners.

We transform your business.
We increase the efficiency of your operations.
We reduce your costs.

Digital Innovation | Change Management | Robotic Process Automation

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We are a professional services firm  with the capability  to transform businesses using  our  expertise in Digital Innovation, Organization, Processes, and Robotics 

Digital Innovation
Increase the Digital Capabilities of an organization:
  • Digital Innovation in Front and back office processes 
Organizational Development
Create organizational alignment: 
  • Goals, metrics, incentives, checks and balances
  • Organizational Desing 
  • Change Management
  • Internal and external communication, organizational performance 
Operational Improvement
Improve the effectiveness of processes and reduce costs: 
  • Business Process Reengineering 
  • Efficiency improvement & Cost reduction
  • Change Management
Implement Robotic Process Automation solutions: 
  • Assesment of processes and business case
  •  Business & Technology implementation
  • Change Management
Robotic Process Automation
We design and implement your Virtual Workforce
Management Team

Ramon de la Rivaherrera

Christoph Knoess

Arnold Schiemann

Miami Strategic Partners, LLC
1395 Brickell Avenue Suite 800

Miami, Florida 33131 - USA

+1 954-933-8072